What people are saying...
Bob Stoloff shares in this book his valuable lifelong experiences as an extraordinary artist and teacher. Bob offers not only general recipes for the singer but a step-by-step approach to mastering the jazz standards. Highly recommended.

Bob's approach to vocal improvisation is a treasure trove of accessible and practical information for anyone interested in the art of scat singing. With so much detailed instruction and so many exercises for both soloists and groups, singers at all levels will be lucky to have Bob as their oracle. I’ve always been a big fan of Mr. Stoloff!
 - Peter Eldridge, New York Voices

What a great idea! This looks like a great way for singers to
learn melodic improv, and for anyone to learn
improvisation by ear.  
Ed Friedland, Jazz Times & Bass Player

Bob Stoloff is at the top of my list as a vocal improvisation teacher… a multi-instrumentalist who has patiently applied his vast knowledge to create the hippest books in today’s marketplace.   Bob is one of a kind.  A true master.
Roseanna Vitro, Jazz Times

Clear, cutting-edge and comprehensive, Bob is truly revolutionizing vocal jazz education ...His method is a powerful educational tool for jazz singers on the path to becoming well rounded and deeply evolved musicians. 
Michele Weir, singer, composer, educator, arranger

This guy knows what he is talking about. - Howard Levy

Once again, Bob has dreamed up an innovative form to teach aspects of music that can seem daunting. In his clear, unique vision, those aspects are organized in bite-size,vibrant detail. What a treasure that Bob writes so generously and intelligently for the music community of the world. Thank you Bob.
 Rhiannon , singer, teacher, farmer

Bob's "Recipes  For Soloing  Over Jazz Standards"... is not only required study for jazz singers but a beautifully guided template for anyone wanting to learn to improvise. He not only takes the mystery out of the art form but generously gives you the proper tools and information to learn. By following Bob's recipes you are guaranteed success .. I want to personally thank Bob for constructing a way to navigate this singing style and make it accessible to every singer. You are learning from the master.
Cheryl Bentyne, The Manhattan Transfer